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Ad Manager Pro - Advertising system

Vers: 1.2  

Ad Manager Pro is a PHP script for running an advertising system throughout your pages. You can use your own ads or sell the ad space to your users. It may bring you an interesting income.
You and your users have a particular statistic on each ad (hourly, daily, monthly statistic), also a graphical statistic is available. Each ad may be used in up to 5 campaigns, each campaign can be configured separately.
Ad Manager Pro is written in PHP and uses MySQL database. It means that the script is fast and can be used for high traffic sites. It has a lot of advanced features, for example supports for any number of ad sizes, templates (all pages are editable in any HTML editor), real time and historical graphical statistic, paid accounts and many more.

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3443 $75 Dec 28, 2004   Linux,Windows 
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