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ICLowBidAuction - Unique Low Bid Auction Script

Vers: 3.1  

Auction payments are via PayPal and other payment processors can be integrated.

Classic Unique Low Bid Auction
The auction works like a regular auction, the only difference is that the winner is the person who made the unique lowest bid.
The bids are made through the site and because they are secret, the point is to strategically identify the whole number that is the lowest among all the bids.
The auction will take place in a period of time defined by administrator and the winner is the one who has made the lowest unique bid among those involved.

Lower bid auction
Lower bid auction is a new type of online auctions for selling expensive goods and properties. It works like classic unique low bid auction with the one difference that auctions end when certain number of bids (can be defined by administrator) were made by buyers.

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0 GNU GPL Nov 17, 2010   PHP5 
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