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ICDutchAuction - Dutch Auction Script

Vers: 1.1  

ICDutchAuction scratch auction software is a powerful, scalable & fully-featured auction script that lets create the ultimate profitable online multi-language Dutch auction website with option for buy now. It allows to manage entire online auction operation: create new auctions within seconds, view members auctions and use the auction extension settings tool.

On Dutch (scratch) auction, you must scratch auction to see current price. Each time a participant scratches the auction the product\'s price is lowered. Once you scratched, you have a certain period of time, usually 5 seconds, to decide whether you want to buy the product for that price or not. The auction ends when a participant buys the product. You may have the courage to wait for a really good and low price - but do not wait too long because then maybe someone else will purchase the product before you!

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0 GNU GPL Jan 4, 2011   php5 
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