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phpBannerExchange 2.0

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phpBannerExchange is a PHP/mySQL script that allows virtually anyone with minimal knowledge of PHP, mySQL and web hosting to run their own banner exchange. This script was inspired by some of the greatest ad rotation scripts on the Internet such as Webadverts and phpAdsNew. While these applications are great in their own right, they are primarily banner rotation scripts and not really designed to work as an exchange script. phpBannerExchange was designed by Banner Exchange administrators for Banner Exchange Administrators.
Version 2.0 RC2 includes quite a few new features thrown in to make it a more complete exchange application.
New features include:
- Category support
- "Referral" program support
- Frequently Asked Questions support (with a FAQ manager)
- Ability to stop the exchange temporarily
- Mailing List support
- Upload/local banner hosting support
- Redesigned pseudo-templated UI
- Improved view and click algorythms
- A database backup and recovery tool
- Ability to specify exchange-wide ratio
- Ability to specify banner width and height
..and much more!

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1975 Free (GPL) Dec 30, 2004   PHP, MySQL, Apache 
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