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Does your organization have the need for an event calendar which you can publish on the Internet? Perhaps your church wishes to display their bible study schedules or prayer group meetings. Would an online event calendar for your car club or school make life easier? Are you looking for an easy way to publish event information on the Internet? Or perhaps you need to schedule the conference room via the company Intranet?
All of these tasks and more are possible with the BosDates event calendar. The BosDates event calendar was designed with the large corporation, small to medium business, and individual users in mind.
The BosDates event calendar is a flexible calendar system which allows for multiple calendars, email notifications, repeating events and much more. All of which are easily maintained by even the least techincal users.
The BosDates event calendar system allows your visitors to interact with your site on a whole new level. And we all know that interactive websites keep their visitors coming back on a regular basis.
With BosDates you can Create unlimited calendars easily, Assign calendars to non technical users, Inform target audiences of events that interest them and Publish your events world wide
The BosDates calendar system is the best full featured calendar system on the market today at half the price of our competitors!
Many web calendar systems charge huge fees for a small number of calendars. Other calendar packages use ancient text files to store your data. Most will not customize their calendars to fit your specific need. BosDates is simply a notch above the rest. Look at our feature list, run the demo and see with your own eyes how the BosDates event calendar can handle your needs.
Installation is free, or you can choose to install it yourself. Upgrades are also free.

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