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Total Calendar - Scheduling system

Vers: 1.5  

TotalCalendar v1.5 is a scheduling system designed for groups or individuals who wish to share events online in a clean, crisp calendar format. The calendar system allows for events to be added into it and displayed for all to see. In addition, TotalCalendar v1.5 allows the option for visitors who have accounts to add in their events to the calendar. The admin can grant or deny the user permissions. The calendar system requires PHP and MySQL to run.
- Stylish and professional looking calendar.
- Easy to use Administration Area.
- Help sections to guide you if you need it.
- Lost password emailer to help you or your users to retrieve your lost or forgotten passwords.
- Customizable setup to allow you more control and freedom over your calendar.
- Search functions. You can search for a string, or multiple dates for events in the calendar.
- Supports HTML in your events.
- Ability to have your events repeated annually (for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries).
- Ability to have your events repeated monthly, bi-monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, or daily.
- Easy editing/deleting events in the system.
- Approve/deny/edit/delete the users in the calendar database.
- Different user access levels to allow different privileges for each user.
- Email some or all of your calendar`s users with accounts (useful for announcements and other notices)

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1638 $15 Dec 31, 2004   linux, windows, freebsd 
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