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JustListIt - Event Lister

Vers: 1.0  

JustListIt is full of features that you will appreciate if you need a good Event List on your Web Site. Here is some of them; No copyright signs or logos, automatic installer for easy setup, one line of code to integrate the Front-End page into any of your Web Pages, a Front-End that can be sorted in 3 different ways, e-mail reminder function, a visitor can submit their own proposed events, divided into 2 main parts, Future Events and Past Events and automatically move old Events from the future List to the Past List when passing today’s date and automatically remove the Event from the Past List when its as old as you have set in the Admin Area. A very comprehensive Admin Area with a lot of features for maximum flexibility and usefulness. Added to all this is css format for easy adjustments of the design, languages files, settings for presentation of date and time, adjustments for server time. A 7 page Installation Manual and a 13 pages User Manual.

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82 Comercial Price: USD 39 Oct 22, 2008   Linux, MySql 
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