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CJ Tag Board

Vers: 3.0  

The CJ Tag Board is a quick and easy way of communicating with visitors to your website in real time. V3.0 brings what the fans want:
-IP Banning,
- Flood Control,
- Poster Details,
- Fully Customisable,
- Character Countdown,
- Enter to Submit,
- Smilies,
- UBB Code,
- Admin Interface,
- No MySQL!
- Bad Word Filter,
- Alternating Post Backgrounds,
- Reset Tag Feature,
- Report Post Feature,
- Post Notification,
- Auto Refresh,
- Tag Count Statistics,
- Tag Archive and more...
This is a must have for any personal/fan based website!

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Hits Licence Updated Platforms
2436 Free (GPL) Dec 5, 2005   Unix, Linux 
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