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Exact Facebook 3.8.61

Vers: 3.8.61  

No Encryption./No Callback.
File Sharing interface.
Internal blogging system.
Friends forming interface.
Discussion Groups.
GMap compatible.
Upload & share games.
Employment section.
Advanced Search system.
Networks/Network Statistics.
Posted Items functionalities.
Bring together people within a locality, school, university etc.
Users can join any open/secret network.
View and share photos.
Create photo album.
Advanced video sharing features.
Preserve and share memorable videos.
Post items and share them with others via internal messages.
Write reminders, create lists, leave messages for other members.
Store frequently used text.
Manage events.
Share experiences and build relationship.
Added networks related settings on ‘privacy’ page.
Browser compatible date picker for browse events.
View my photo comments on ‘Photos’ module.
Join network (school, college, work)

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0 Commercial Aug 10, 2011   Linux 
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