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phpSHOUT - Basic Shoutbox

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phpSHOUT is a very basic shoutbox which is based on a flat file database with many features and highly customisable. A shoutbox is very much like a guestbook. With a shoutbox visitors can leave messages, make comments or to exchange with other visitors.
* Free of charge. Available for personnel and business use
* No registering need. Simply download and install within minutes
* No programming needed. Follow the instructions provided
* Unlimited messages.
* Word wrapping. Stops long words ruining your layout
* Fully customizable. Using CSS change every aspect of phpSHOUT
* Bad language filter. Prevent use of vulgar language.
* Number of post shown selectable.
* E-Mail address viewable or not viewable. Privacy for your visitors.
* Smilies. Jazz up the posts with emotions.
* Flat file database. No knowledge of databases needed. All info stored in text files.

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4516 Free Mar 23, 2005   Linux, BSD, MacOS, Windows 
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