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AJ Real Estate Classifieds Script

Vers: 1.0  

AJ Classifieds ME - Real Estate is the product for a complete Real Estate Listing Software Script. It is customized and ready to go for your Real Estate Classifieds software, rentals web site, independent agent site, or the Real Estate Listing of your brokerage or agency web site.

Create Real Estate Web Sites - The Real Estate PHP Script Software of AJ Classifieds is specially designed to handle the unique requirements of a site devoted to real estate. AJ Classifieds - Real Estate Classifieds Software Script is a professional solution for real estate website software to start your own property portal.

Highly user friendly and rich in excellent features once required for real estate property selling business.

AJ Classifieds ME - Real Estate is a successful, boutique real estate portal. It provides all features that need to manage business oriented real estate website.

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0 GPL Feb 4, 2011   Windows all, linux, unix 
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