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ExactMatching 1 Matching Script

Vers: 1.0  

Our script is something like other popular and strong matching websites (ex:,, etc.). Besides the fact that it is very competitive and powerfull script it has PAYPAL IPN integrated by default so members can pay instantly and regularly the fees that you set, as an owner, banner management system is integrated and you can choose what banners are active for display to visitors and members and not, a simple Admin Panel that offers simple navigation and a relevent way to organise and working website, powerfull Quiz system that completes profiles descriptions, you can easily customize the script - change the design for your website, through the CSS Stylesheets and pictures, INSTALLER and profile pictures uploads, Wink system for members to give impressions each other, Contact email system to give members the posibility to make first contact to each other in a simple and efficient way and HTML codes and it is designed to use categories, subcategories and items.

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0 Commercial Oct 9, 2011   Linux/Unix/Windows 
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