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Fly classifieds script

Vers: 8.3  

- No user registration needed to post!
- The images are displayed on the ads screen more compact :The main image is displayed on the top and all other images are displayed as thumbnails on the bottom. By clicking the image the user can view the picture he likes. free integrate addon (value $50)
- Free or pay to post ads
- Users may pay to make ads Featured
- Users may pay to make ads run longer
- Admin can set for users to post for free/payment in any categories
- Admin can set different prices for different categories/subcategories new
- Admin can set site settings such as URL, Meta, Title, Password etc. from admin panel new
- Admin can control features such as location, categories columns etc. from admin panel easily new
- Unlimited categories and subcategories
- Unlimited regions, cities and areas
- Ability to add custom fields for each section
- Insert of Youtube videos in the post free integrate addon (value $15)

Fly classifieds script Thumbnail Demo


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0 commercial Dec 15, 2011   php mysql 
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