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phpMyAdsense - Detailed statistics of your AdSense account

Vers: 1.6  

PhpMyAdsense(c) is a PHP web application designed specially to provide detailed statistics of your Google™ AdSense™ advertiser`s account in real-time and using your own customized templates and colors.
phpMyAdsense(c) can be run as a Microsoft™ Windows™ Active-desktop channel, phpNuke block, phpBB module and/or any other web application you might be alreay using.
PhpMyAdsense(c) was made to work as an active desktop channel on my (monitor three) to keep track of my google adsense account`s activity. With a little playing, it now works with templates, colors, css and can be customized/tweaked to integrate in any form of web application you like.

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407 Freeware Jun 13, 2006   Unix, Windows, Linix 
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