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Link lite software is a fully featured link management system. Rather you want to track general web links on your own site, or running some banners to try make a few bucks. Link lite allows you to manage all your links easily and with a bunch of different features to make figuring out what's really happening with your website.

Simply by just having one track-able link on every page you will see exactly when and where your potential clients go, do, see and leave. Tracking more than one link on a page is certainly possible with Link lite. In fact you can track every link on any page if you so desire. Link lite is so easy to incorporate into your existing website.

Link lite is laid out in such a manner that you can establish custom link-to-pages using the methods described in the software. Basically it works like this.
1. You insert a name and a url to link to along with the primary target(self, blank, parent, top). Insert either some HTML text or upload some media(swf, jpeg, png, gif, bmp). Choose some other parameters like page/group, start date, end date, max impressions, max impressions per day per user.
2. Verify the link using the overview page, if everything looks good. Use the instructions on the overview page to choose how you will display the link, where may also play a factor in choosing dynamic vs. static.
3. Upon choosing how you display the link and performing any necessary procedures. Enable the link and start tracking.

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