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TBmnet CMS - Lightweight CMS

Vers: 1.0  

TBmnetCMS is a very simple and lightweight CMS for advanced users. The principal purpose of TBmnetCMS is to have a framework that allows easy online publishing and editing of the content without any restrictions in design, layout and functionality.
- keeping it simple - only 60 lines of source code + 200 for the administration backend in one single script;
- no database required - according to the unix tradition of "everything is a file";
- built-in professional and secure download system with counter and custom Content-Type handling;
- use of a template file for creating new content files;
- clean xhtml1.1 output;
- custom css files can be created and edited in the same way as content files;
- content files are simply included, so they can contain custom php code;
- easy embedding of own php scripts;
- online editing the pure source code for html and php - no obstructive WYSIWYG-editing;
- output is also viewable in non-css and textbased browsers;
- no javascript - only pure xhtml, css and php.

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3433 Free (GPL) Feb 14, 2005   Linux, Unix 
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