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ArticleLive is the only solution you need if you`re looking to launch your own customizable content driven web site in an extremely short amount of time. From its extensible customization options to its simple content creation process, ArticleLive leads the way in content authoring for everyone... regardless of technical ability.
- Easy-to-use 3 step installation system. Upload the ArticleLive files to your web server and the included 3 step installation system does the rest, including building your ArticleLive database.
- Separate language pack. Easily change the language of every piece of text on your ArticleLive web site, both in the front end and back end.
- Multi-point content contribution. When creating users, you have total control over where and how they can access and contribute content. Restrictions include no access to the control panel (content is contributed from form on front end of site).
- Powerful user permission system. Use ArticleLive`s pre-defined roles to quickly delegate user permissions, or take it a step further and assign unique permissions on a per-user basis.
- Search engine friendly links. ArticleLive generates 100% search engine friendly links, meaning that your site gets crawled and indexed in its entirety by Yahoo, Google and all other search engines.
- HTML based page templates. ArticleLive has one of the most flexible templating and layout systems ever seen in an online content management system. From the control panel, you can edit any page template in real time.
- Fully stylesheet driven design. As with page templates, the entire stylesheet for your web site can be edited online, directly from the control panel.
- Create multiple article types. Choose to create a complete article with pages, a content summary or a link to an external web site.
- Build a complete article series. Automatically link several articles in a "chain" to form a complete article series where users can jump from one article to the next.
- Content expiration dates. Add a special event, invitation, greeting or any other type of content to your site, and set it to auto-expire and dissapear from your site on a specific date.
- Complete support for article ratings and comments. ArticleLive comes bundled with interactivity right out of the box. Your visitors can contribute comments and/or rate articles. Comments can be automatically or manually approved.
- Feature important content. With one click, you can move an article to the top of the pile and display it as featured on your home page.
- Role and/or permission based user management. ArticleLive includes 4 role-based user settings by default: contributor, author, site administrator and system administrator. Choose one of these for quick account setup, or completely customize permissions on a per-user basis.
- Multiple articles per category / multiple categories per article. Your content can be organized into separate categories, and each article can appear in multiple, unlimited categories. Each category can also contain an unlimited number of articles.
- Publish your own personal or company blog. Blogs are the latest way to keep in contact with your peers, colleagues and employees. ArticleLive includes full support to create, display and syndicate blogs on your web site.
- Create site pages. Need an "About Us" page on your web site? How about a "Contact Us" page? Not a problem. ArticleLive also lets you create separate pages for your web site that will automatically appear in your sites navigation menu.
- Get a complete breakdown of your site with powerful stats. ArticleLive provides dozens of useful statistics about your site, including most viewed pages, popular categories and articles, number of blog entries, most discussed articles, most popular authors and much more.
- Intuitive visitors panel. With the integrated visitors panel, your web site visitors can easily keep a list of favorite articles, print or email content that they`re interested in, contribute comments and ratings and much more.
- Smart content searching. Your web site visitors can search your articles, news and blogs with any of the 3 powerful search methods built into ArticleLive: smart search, phrase search and word search.
- Syndicate your content automatically. ArticleLive allows you to share your sites content with the world by automatically generating separate RSS syndication feeds for articles, news and blogs.
- Flexible database support. The ASP.NET version of ArticleLive lets you choose between a Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database installation.
- Works in all popular, modern browsers. Both the front-end and control panel of ArticleLive work in all modern web browsers on Windows, Linux and Mac, including Internet Explorer and Mozilla.
- Extensible framework. ArticleLive`s templating and user system are flexible and have been built so that they can be easily modified. For example, it only takes a matter of minutes to "plug-in" a third party poll or survey system.

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