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WebEdit Professional - Online html editor

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The best online html editor just got better! WebEdit Professional is the only browser based html editor that supports server side code, include tags, spellchecking, Macromedia Dreamweaver style Editable Regions and more! Let your clients maintain their own sites in a secure, fast, web based environment. No HTML or FTP Skills required. Web developers protect your site design and layout. 100% Rebrandable. 100% Pure script. Website content management at its best!
- Easily re-brand as YOUR complete web content management solution. re-branding is easy, simply modify a pageheader.html, pagefooter.html and the included stylesheet and you`re set. No server-side coding is needed.
- Make a huge markup and set your own prices. our innovative licensing structure means you can resell the solution at great margins and provide a great service for your customers!
- Unbranded printable user guide. Print and provide this to your clients, or follow the simple instructions yourself. Specifically written for the non-technical user.
- Restrict Editing to sections of your website that YOU define. you maintain control of your designs. Easily disable functionality, such as delete, rename, upload or create. Only give your clients access to features that you allow!
- Hide complete files and folders from your clients. you control what folders and file types they are allowed to manipulate. Give them access only to their news or products page. Its up to you!
- Do you create files in Macromedia Dreamweaver using templates? no problem, WebEdit edits those files with the editable regions intact, restricting end users so they only edit those regions you specify!
- Use Server Side Include tags, PHP include tags AND Server side code. the ONLY online html editor, that maintains your server side code! Simply set Editable Regions using simple Comment tags, and only content that users are allowed to change will be saved. The rest of your web page will stay intact, meaning ANY code, server side code etc will stay intact.
- Toggle between WYSIWYG and raw code mode. you can directly edit your html code from your browser! Complete HTML and XHTML output.
- Complete support for stylesheets. if your HTML code contains a