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Hotel Booking System

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Now it\'s easy to have room booking engine on your website. Hotel Booking Script is a professionally developed booking system which can be used to accept bookings.
Using an easy to use password protected administration page it is as easy as 1+1 to manage all the bookings and options. Your web visitors will have an easy way to place a booking. They will love it and so will you! Using one line of code you can put the booking form on any of your web pages. With an external CSS files you can easily change the look of the property listing pages.
With Hotel Booking System and just a simple one line code you could add a competitive edge to your business, boost your bookings and increase your profit. Our Hotel booking script allows bookings with few easy steps, accepts payments online and ability to manage the reservations and room types. You can create as many room types as you want. Single, Double, Triple, etc... For each room type you can set how many rooms you have and how many people it may accommodate. Using the administration page you can manage all bookings, change booking details, change booking dates, add or remove room types. You can even re-send email confirmation for the booking if some changes have been made. You can have all the bookings easily exported in SCV format or set different prices.The Hotel booking system automatically calculates the total price and prevent duplicate bookings. Once a booking request is placed an email confirmation is sent to both person who made it and the administrator. You will not miss a booking request any more. View full features list of Hotel Booking System or try the Demo script for free. Download FULL SOURCE CODE!

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