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Scripteen KnowledgeBase Script

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Scripteen Knowledgebase Script is a simple and easy to use engine that is easy to find exactly what you need. Inform you\'re users or clients about your products with support from a knowledgebase script. Using a knowledgebase allows you to publish quick and easy information to help you\'re users get help without having to call or email you for support, saving you time and money.

KnowledgeBase Script
This script is great for online products or services. Think of it like a blog but for your products and services. Users want to know how to install a script that they downloaded, simply post an article in the knowledgebase script on a howto guide for that script. Now users know exactly where to go to find it, and any other questions they have.

Replace your old FAQ page
A FAQ page is much too limited and only offers small and short amounts of information which seldomly solve the case, and no one likes reading a long list of questions and answers. The live search function is great for this. Our knowledgebase script uses a live search function where if the user starts typing in the search box, live results will come up under with results for that search. This gives your knowledgebase a Web 2.0 feel and a step above the other flat boring scripts.

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