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Cueburst - Support System

Vers: 1.0.0  

Cueburst is a Helpdesk Support System, the two main areas of the system FAQ’s/Knowledge Base, and support tickets.
This allows users to get help directly, and for you..the staff, easily keep track, manage and filter support requests.

Also with the option to assign Tickets to departments, in turn to staff members.

However, the advantage of Cueburst is the additional Knowledge base area, this allows users to view common questions/problems/answers, thus reducing the amount of ticket requests.

The system itself doesn’t stop at the above mentioned, it features Themes, Attachments, Post formatting, Usergroups, Assigned Staff, Subjects, Usergroups, Integration and a bunch of other system settings, all easily editable in the Staff Area.

With a clean user interface, users will easily navigate around your system with ease.

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