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PHP FAQ & Knowledgebase Script

Vers: 1.1  

Explore Webbiscuits FAQ Support to compile the frequently asked questions on your website.

With FAQ Support, you can now compile all your answers to many of the questions that people always asked about. Simply write them with the WYSIWYG editor and that is what it takes to get them published and organized on your website with search and categories browsing capability.
Providing FAQs as knowledgebase for your products and services saves you time for answering commonly asked questions.

Key Features Supported

Display Recent Added FAQs & Most Popular Questions
Multi-level FAQ categories
Browse and Search for FAQs by Keywords
Visitor Ratings, Print FAQ, Tell-A-Friend
Prohibit Unlimited FAQ Ratings per Person
Compile FAQs with HTML Editor
Integrate with Customer Helpdesk Module
Easy-to-Use Back-End System

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