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MySQL database backup

Vers: 1.6  

db_backup is a database backup script written in PHP4.
Most people will used it to have a daily snapshot of the dynamic data on their website. (e.g. content management systems, forums, guestbooks etc.)
The script reads all tables in the MySQL databases you choose and exports (dumps) them in SQL files.
The generated SQL files can be used to rebuild the tables on any other MySQL database or server or on the same server in case of data-loss.
db_backup has been tested sucessfully on large databases with 1.5 mio records.
- Backup multiple databases and servers with different users and passwords.
- Backups can be scheduled using cron (on UNIX systems) or AT (on Windows systems).
- Create daily, weekly and monthly snpashots of your database.
- Keep the daily, weekly and monthly backups for a user-specified time.
- Archive and compress the SQL files (*.tar.gz).
- Creates a detailed report of everything that has been done.
- Reports can be mailed to you or any other user- specified email- address, saved to disk or displayed in browser.
- Generated SQL files can be mailed to you or any other user-specified email-address.
- Generated SQL files can be uploaded by FTP to any user-specified FTP server.
- Choose to create SQL files for each table or one for each database.
- No system calls, everything in 100% pure PHP. PHP Safe-mode compatible.

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