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phpBackend - PHP Generator For MySQL

Vers: 1.0  

phpBackend is an online tool that accelerates databases forms and script development. It converts your database structure definition into a PHP application and helps you to define a database.
It features enhanced HTML (colored text) fields, large file (>100mb) management, foreign keys and integrity constraints and sorting administration. You don`t have to write PHP script.
It can work with your SQL definition (existing database) from scratch, creating a new database with the interface. You can create your database online and try phpBackend on the vendor`s server before buying anything.
It includes a version for PostgreSQL. Many ways to navigate data are available (one to many in one page, long listing of titles, etc.).
Future developments includes a skin template.

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Hits Licence Updated Platforms
955 The generated scripts are the property of the consumer May 21, 2005   web server + php interpreter like apache 
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