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BBCode generator PHP HTML decoder script

Vers: 2.0  

This BBCode generator PHP HTML decoder script has the following features.
-This script is of plug and play type and hence doesn\\\'t require any installation.
-It has a JavaScript supported nice looking wysiwyg editor which allows visitors to generate BBCode text.
-This editor can be added with WebPages of any extension (*.html, *.php, etc.).
-While adding its desired size (height and width) can be set to best fit with the WebPages.
-This script supports BBCode for link, list, image and color.
-The PHP code behind this editor can successfully decode this BBCode text into its HTML equivalent.
-A preview script is also included with this script package which you can optionally use with your system.

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0 Freeware Sep 6, 2011   PHP5.2+ 
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