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ionCube online PHP Encoder - Professional PHP Protection

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The ionCube online encoding service is a unique alternative to purchasing an encoder. Encoding costs from as little as just US $0.50 per job, and is ideal for users with modest or occasional encoding needs. The online encoder has the same important features of security and runtime performance as found in our standalone encoder product, and you can use the online encoder to:
- Encode a single file.
- Encode an archive containing PHP scripts and any other file types.
- Make FREE test encodings or a pay-to-download encoding.
Files and archives may be compressed with Unix compress, gzip or bzip2, and both tar and zip archives are supported. Any non-php files appear in the encoded archive as in the source archive.
Our flexible online archive manager also allows easy selecting or adjusting of exactly which files are encoded, and you can choose to encode immediately or save the archive and encode later if necessary.
Protecting PHP code with compiled code encoding has never before been so easy or affordable!

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