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n`Mail - Web-based email client

Vers: 0.37  

n`Mail is a web-based email client built for medium range public services. It is a script that will let you run a service just like Hotmail or Yahoo mail.
Main features:
- Automatically create user`s account on your server;
- Handle multiple domains;
- Handle standard mailboxes, users can create their own personnal mailboxes to store mails in;
- Handle user`s contact list;
- Integrated news system;
- Smileys integration (will change :-) into a smiley image, or whatever you configured it to;
- Mailboxes exchanges let users switch a message from a box to another;
- Embeded print system;
- Integrated Administration panel let you configure the system right from its interface;
- Support POP3, IMAP, IMAP2, IMAP2BIS, IMAP4, IMAP4REV1 and NNTP protocols;
- Support NORSH, SSL, VALIDATE-CERT, and TLS connection parameters;
- Integrated quota support;
- Theme based;
- Messages (welcome messages, informations, user`s first email, etc) configurable through admin panel;
- Handle 4 different registration processes: Free or Pay service / Instant or delayed activation;
- Integrated payment gateway system with PayPal;
- Embed text support - will print your own "advertisement" text on the bottom of user`s sent emails;
- Login name restrictions let you bannish unwanted email addresses.

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2235 Free Feb 14, 2005   Linux, Unix 
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