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Easy PHP Upload

Vers: 2.29  

This PHP upload class can be used to upload files with a client browser to a remote web server location.
The features in the first release are: file-extension check, maximum file- size limitation and a flexible error reporting system.
The class is extremely easy to use and comes together with full working examples. Since the second version is it possible to upload multiple files. Check the class file for all update information. The version 2.22 (and higher) is compatible with the PHP directive "register_globals=off". NEW functions for the multiple upload function: rename files and filename validation. With the updated (version 2.25) photo upload extension it`s possible to upload photos (logos) and resize them to the maximum X and Y size. The last version supports ImageMagick command line tools as an option (works faster then functions of the GD library).

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33 Free Feb 26, 2006   Unix, Linux or Windows 
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