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html2pdf - Create PDF files from HTML documents

Vers: 0.1  

html2pdf create PDF files from HTML documents, including HTML with advanced table formatting and embedded images.
This is ALPHA software, which means that it hasn`t been rigorously tested on many web servers. At this point, it`s sort of buy/use at your own risk. Upgrades are coming soon! This script will probably be upgraded about once per week for the next 2-3 months. In case you`re wondering why I`m charging $5 for alpha software, which I`m mostly giving away for free anyway in the form of html2ps... well, it`s just to raise funds for more development. Your $5 goes a long ways, believe it or not, to improving this script!
Special Features:
- accurately converts embedded HTML tables, including tables with complex cell formatting like rowspan & colspan
- supports inline and external images, including JPG/GIF/PNG
- free upgrades forever!
- free user-to-user support at the support forum.

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7258 $5 Feb 22, 2005   Linux, Unix 
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