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Web file manager HTTP Commander

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HTTP Commander – Web based file manager. With HTTP Commander you can easy provide online access for your colleagues or clients to files stored on your web site or intranet network. HTTP Commander assists to replace existing FTP solutions or to organize uploads/downloads or share files on your web site. Users need just web browser and Internet connection to remote work with files and folders from anywhere and anytime.
HTTP Commander is 100% AJAX file manager can be integrated to PHP, ASP.NET or any other websites. It can run as standalone web application or can be placed to existing web page or CMS by 3 lines of code. It supports 2 kinds of authentication -Forms and Windows Integrated (NTLM) therefore provides access to own accounts, your existing accounts or Windows server (or Active Directory) accounts. Latest is popular for educational institutions and can be used at any school, college, academy and university.
HTTP Commander key features: List files and folders with the grid or tree view, multiple files and folders upload and download, file operations like search, copy, move, delete, zip/unzip, few languages, extremely elegant and highly configurable AJAX user interface.

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