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Secure Manual Credit Card Payment

Vers: 1.0  

This solution enables a business that manually processes credit card payments, to securely collect payment details through their website.
This is done by storing half the information in a database and the other half is sent by email. Only by combining the two halves can the details be determined.
The solution sends a thankyou email to the client paying, instructing them that their payment will be processed with 48hrs. It also sends you a notification email that a payment has been received, and contains a link that will rebuild the payment details for you to be able to process it.
Then you mark the payment as processed, and the client receives a notification that the payment has been processed, and thanks them again.
It is a simple and effective way to collect Credit Card payments securely through your website. That makes you looks very professional to your clients.

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924 $25 AUD Oct 27, 2005   Unix, Linux or Windows 
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