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Financial Management System


You can use this financial management system to keep track of your spendings and receivings. You can add objects to the system, objects could be anything you have bought or have received (salary). The statistics are displayed in a colorful pie chart, the used colors can be chosen by yourself.

User can:
- Register an account
- Activate registration (via e-mail)
- Login and logout
- Password forgotten
- Add object
- Add category
- Add subcategory
- Edit object
- Edit settings
- Edit color of category
- Edit color of subcategory
- Delete category
- Delete subcategory
- View list of objects
- View statistics

This financial management system is built with the framework CodeIgniter. The zip package has CI included.

How to use this script?
- Extract the zip file.
- Place the folder financial-management-system on the webserver.
- Import the SQL file financial-management.sql and user.sql into the database.
- Change the base url in the file ci_system/application/config/config.php
- Change the database values in the file database.php at ci_system/application/config/database.php
- Change the email values in the plugin file phpmailer_pi.php ci_system/plugins/phpmailer_pi.php
- Run in the browser.

To use this system you need to register an account with a real, valid emailaddress, since you need to activate your account via email.
After registration you can log in and start using it by adding objects.

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0 Free (GPL) Aug 12, 2010   Windows, Unix, MacOs 
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