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Matt`s FormMail - Form to email script

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Matt`s FormMail (MattFM) is a form to email script written in Perl and also in PHP, with a few advantages over other form to email scripts, it is totally platform independant, if your web server can run Perl or PHP scripts then it can use MattFM! MattFM also has the following features:
- Unlimited form fields - Can handle any number of HTML fields;
- Multiple recipient support - Have the feedback email sent to any number of different recipients!
- Form completion checking - Automatically checks the submitted form to make sure all required fields are filled in;
- Redirection support - Redirects the user to a different web page depending on how the submission went, redirect the user to an "incomplete" page if the form isn`t completed or a "thankyou" page if all went well!
- File upload ability - Allow users to upload files within the form and then choose to either have them saved on the server or MIME encoded and attached to the email.
- GPG/PGP encryption support - Need your e-mails to be secure? Not to worry, MattFM supports server side encryption using either GPG or PGP.
With all these features, this formmail script must be one of the best available!

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