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EZ php Form-Mailer

Vers: 1.1  

This simple little script allows you to have forms on your site email you. It was designed to be used as a contact form script. In other words, you create a simple form on your site where users can contact you. The script is then executed and you are emailed if successful. This program has been designed to be used for as many forms as you desire. Additionally, it allows you to alter the recipient and subject through forms you create on your pages. By doing this, you can use this same one script for 1,000,000 different forms on your site if you desired in which you could change the recipient and subject for every form.
You may also use your own form fields to collect all the information you desire, as they are added to the email sent out.
There also is total template control, meaning you can totally control the design and appearance of the script.
Comes with a default form as well for those of you too lazy to set one up.

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