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Card matching Memory Game

Vers: 2.0  

Find below the Key Features/Facts

* Web Based application. Can access from anywhere in the world.
* Use php & mySql which are free and open-source.
* Data for various topics/subjects can be added easily.
* Email feature to refer the Game to friends.
* An option to include/exclude Score in the email.
* \"more\" Feature to show the content even if its length exceeds the box/card size.
* Option to load topics both using Ajax and querystring (It will be useful for bookmarking any specific topic)
* Any number of Topics can be added from Admin module
* Bulk upload option to enter all values by single click.
* Provide Source Code.
* Cache feature to show images immediately
* Continuous support and enhancement for reasonable cost.
* We can add any custom features (e.g adding Easy/Medium Levels )for reasonable additional cost
* Assistance for setting up this script
* You can see the Admin module screenshots here.

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0 Commercial Jun 13, 2011   PHP 
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