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Gaming Ladder - Tournament System

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Our ladder scripts are packed with features to give you exactly what you want; they are installed in minutes and can be easily customized to match your site. Since our foundation as the first ever ladder script provider on the net over three years ago, we have served thousands of leagues, providing the best quality software at the lowest prices.
My Gaming Ladder proudly remains the oldest, most respected and most popular provider of Ladder Scripts on the net. Don`t trust anyone but the best for your ladder or tournament script needs; choose My Gaming Ladder.
- Complete tournament system allowing multiple tournaments to be run at the same time.
- Run fully automated tournaments with anywhere from 4 to 512 players/teams per tournament.
- Completely automated signup for players and teams.
- Suitable for virtually all tournament types including double elimination.
- Player/Team profiles with customizable fields e.g.: team roster, email address, MSN etc.
- Highly advanced admin control panel allowing admins to change tournament colors and design.
- Admins can create,delete or edit tournaments with ease from the admin control panel.
- Admins can open/close signups, add/edit tournament rules and descriptions and much more.
- Fully automated visual brackets webpage showing latest results and progress to all.
- Seperate admin login for each tournament meaning you can control admin access as you wish.
- Easily customizable design, edit colors at the click of a button or edit template using html.
- They are yours to do with as you please provided you do not violate the

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