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GuestBook for Site

Vers: 1.0  

Perfect solution for your site! Very easy to install and use the guest book, which has the following main features: replies to messages; structure template (in complete 4 template + creating your own templates); captcha anti-spam form validation; admin panel which is password protected; any language support; managing messages from the pages of the guest book. A complete list of features can be found here.
GuestBook implemented in several variants: PHP + MySQL (the script is written in PHP, and all data is stored in the database MySQL); PHP + DB.txt (the script is written in PHP, and all data is stored in text files such as CSV, thereby increasing the speed of the guest book. Works on any hosting, where there is support for PHP). GuestBook successfully works in the following configuration: FreeBSD 6.4 + Apache 2.2.10 + PHP 5.2.10 + MySQL 4.1.22.

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6 Commercial Apr 6, 2010   *nix or Windows 
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