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Vers: 1.0.3  

Fully functional php & mySQL guestbook loaded with tons of features and packed for premium optimization and performance.
- Web-based administration control panel.
- Prevent double-posting or post-hammering.
- Allow or disallow HTML.
- Enable a notification email to receive a notice when you get a new post.
- Allow visitors to rate your site
- Emoticon support
- Show or log the visitors IP
- 5 customizable questions
- Choose the number of posts per page to be displayed
- Template support; totally control the theme and appearance of the guestbook!
- Control the width, font face, sizes, colors and nearly every element of the guestbook!
- Password is encrypted using md5 algorithm to prevent unwanted access.
- Backup and restore functions; backup your configuration or guestbook posts with the click of a button. Whenever you want to restore your posts or configuration you do the same with the click of a button. Great for keeping backups of your guestbook in the case of server mis-haps!
- Multi-language support! Reads a language pack, which means you can download a different language packs for free from this site to change the language of your guestbook! If you would like to help translate the guestbook`s text into a language pack I can post for people to download, please contact me! Need a language pack in a specific language you don`t see here? Sign my guestbook and let me know what language you are looking for and I will see what I can do about getting a translation done!

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