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Dreampics Builder - CMS Photo :: Video Gallery

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Dreampics Builder is a CMS+Photo/Video Gallery - customizable site engine for photographers or someone who want to easily build own website, manage content even without the knowledge of html, organize and exhibit the photo and video albums! Try Admin Control Panel (fully functional demo) and Dreampics Example. The product has a very simple installation process, only one step.
Gallery and Exhibitions

- Uploading photos and video files to your gallery via web interface.
- Unlimited exhibitions.
- Photo and video exhibitions at the same time.
- You can easily assign your photos and video files to exhibitions (only exhibitions are visible to visitors, so you can hide some photos or video files).
- Auto thumbnails creation, you can also assign the thumbnail image for each video file.
- Manage your gallery � easy to modify, delete and add new photos, video files and exhibitions.
- Customizable categories, cameras, lenses and photographers databases.
- Easy to use search for uploaded photos and video files by keyword, filter by category.
- Customizable gallery options.
Content Management
- Customizable general site design (colors, fonts, footer, header).
- Customizable pages of your site (home, profile, service, portfolio, contact).
- Color Picker � you can choose color from palette, without knowledge of color codes.
- Easy to use online WYSIWYG editor. (Requires Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher) - you can change the design and content of your pages without knowledge of html, just like in Microsoft Word editor.
- Copy and paste technology; you can just copy text and tables from your Microsoft Word document and paste it to page editor.
- Easy to upload and place images, add links and tables to the pages.
- Preview page button; have a look at your page before saving it.

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