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EasyImageCatalogue - Image Catalogue System

Vers: 1.31  

EasyImageCatalogue (EIC) EIC is an image catalogue system. It lists all the galleries in the folder, allows the owner to generate the thumbnails and descriptions for each image in the gallery, tracks how often a gallery was clicked and allows users to search for images in all galleries.
Galleries are added by creating new folders and uploading the images in these folders. After describing the images and generating the thumbnails the gallery is immediately visible on the main page.
EIC displays the galleries as thumbnails. Clicking on a thumbnail will take the user to the image display page. This page shows the big image with links to the next and previous image. Users can also add comments to each image.

EasyImageCatalogue - Image Catalogue System Thumbnail Demo


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1143 Free (GPL) Feb 14, 2005   Linux, Unix 
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