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Gallery by Dali - Flash 7 image gallery

Vers: 1.1  

This Flash 7 image gallery sports dozens of configuration options which can be set in an external XML file, a fantastic and original design, awesome sound effects, a sound "comments" feature so that you can use the gallery as a sort of Flash presentation, and lots more.
Special Features:
- Ability to add custom watermarks, simply by editing the XML file
- All options stored in XML configuration file
- Popup open to view images in full-screen mode
- Panoramic view, including automatic horizontal and vertical scrolling
- Ability to use HTML within image descriptions
- Popup information window for each image, with dimension and file size info
- Loads external MP3 files for complete customization
- Ability to link any image to an external URL - this can be used quite easily to create an online store out of your gallery!
- Ability to create infinitely many categories and sub-categories of images
- Control EVERY color in the interface
- Free upgrades forever
- Includes 100% of the Flash source code (.fla files).

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6200 $5 Feb 22, 2005   Any OS 
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