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Scry: Simple PHP Photo Album

Vers: 1.1  

Scry is a simple, secure, fast, and free photo album for your website. The only software you need to run it is PHP with GD support. To publish your photos, simply upload them into directories on your webserver.
* Simple - your albums will have the same names as the directories you put your photos in. There`s no way for users to comment on photos or a complicated web interface for managing your images. Your photos speak for themselves.
* Secure - many complex PHP photo albums also pose grave security risks to your webserver. Scry is designed from the ground up with security in mind.
* Fast - Scry automatically caches image thumbnails for you the first time you look at an album.
* Free - Scry is completely free to use on your personal website, company home page, or to include in your commercial product. Scry is distributed under the BSD license.
Scry is the simplest PHP photo album you`ll ever love.

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