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PhpWebGallery - Online images gallery

Vers: 1.3.4  

PhpWebGallery is a web application that enables you to create images gallery online easily.
- automatic image imports through filesystem (a directory equals a category, simple and easy)
- image import through upload
- multiple (virtual) usage of images (one image multiple categories)
- easy administration of images, comments, users, groups, categories
- easy installation (unzip & install.php)
- possibility to make thumbnails
- automatic categories: new & most seen
- mail notification of the administrator if anything new is added (if this is wanted!)
- (automatic) slideshow
- multiple languages
- multi storage server management
- different access modes (free or restricted to members)
- mysql database (mandatory)
- html templates

PhpWebGallery - Online images gallery Thumbnail Demo


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1901 Free (GPL) Jan 4, 2005   linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun 
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