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FlexPHPic - Image Gallery

Vers: 0.0.2  

FlexPHPic is a image gallery admin system which can help you to admin the pictures. It is a simple, free and open source picture admin system.
With this program, you can quickly add, delete or modify the pictures in the website according to your demand. You can add multi-level sub-categories and you can also classify the pictures. Users can search the pictures by keywords and also can browse pictures online as Acdsee, zoom in, zoom out or print the pictures, and add filter effect for the pictures. This system is also easy to be internationalized.
All the text in this program is put in one file. Once you edit this file, you can generate a new language version or customize the text in your program. If you generate a new language version that we don`t have, please send us a translation. This is a free script, and you are welcome to redistribute it unde the conditions of the General Public License .It is easy to install, and keeps all your operations in fast and easy way

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1441 Free (GPL) Jan 4, 2005   Linux, Windows 
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