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Thumbnail and Watermark

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This is a class that can process an image on the fly by either generate a thumbnail and/or apply an watermark to the image.
The processed image can either be displayed in a page, saved to a file, or returned to a variable.
It requires the PHP with support for GD library extension in either version 1 or 2. If the GD library version 2 is available it the class can manipulate the images in true color, thus providing better quality of the results of resized images.
Features description:
- Thumbnail: normal thumbnail generation
- Auto-fitting: adjust the dimensions so that the resized image aspect is not distorted
- Scaling: enlarge and shrink the image
- Format: both JPEG and PNG are supported, but the watermark image can only be in PNG format as it needs to be transparent
- Autodetect the GD library version supported by PHP
- Calculate quality factor for a specific file size in JPEG format.

Thumbnail and Watermark Thumbnail Demo


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