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Vers: 2.0  

Below is a list of features, however we encourage you to try the online demo or download the script in order to experience exactly what GoLinks can offer you.


* Most popular links
* Latest links
* Multiple categories & subcategories
* RSS feed's available for all of the above
* Search engine friendly category URL's
* Link click tracking
* Search with keyword highlighting


* Multiple categories & subcategories
* Approve & reject links
* Link submission details (name, email, date, clicks and IP address)
* Search bar
* Latest stats
* Script updates checker
* Configurable settings


* Site name and description
* Search engine friendly URL's
* Multi-languages (files not included see add-ons)
* PHP mail or SMTP
* Homepage categories (per column, limit & random order)
* Links (per page, open in new window, latest and popular limit)
* Link submission (can be turned off completely)
* Secure CAPTCHA
* Maximum link description characters
* URL Verification
* Admin approval
* Admin new link notification
* Maximum link submissions per email address
* IP address and keyword banning


* Smarty system used for customizable templates
* Multi-language support
* Compatible with PHP 4.3+
* Tested across all major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera & Google Chrome)
* Direct support for professional version and active community forum

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