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Link Up Gold

Vers: 0.9  

Link Up Gold is a PHP script for running your own Yahoo! style search engine. It has many advanced features, for example unlimited number of categories in an unlimited number of levels, unlimited number of links, sponsored links, rating system, fully customizable pages by using templates (all public pages are editable in any HTML editor), article posting, blacklist feature, unlimited number of administrators with different rights, integrated polls, ability to count incoming and outgoing hits, links may be sorted by title, popularity, incoming hits, date added and so on, up to 5 mailing lists and many more. Pages are generated online, all data and links are always fresh, no need to store pages on your disc - you save a disc space.
Main Features:
- Advanced search engine system
- Unlimited number of categories, links, sponsors, articles, users, administrators
- Automatic installation - you only upload files on your server and fill in 6 fields of a setup form
- The lowest prices on the market - similar scripts are sold for 2 - 3 times more
- Support for unlimited number of styles, your visitors can select between them
- Possibility to create a multi-language directory (more than one language at the same time)
- Several files which may be automatically inserted into each page (header, footer etc.), you edit one file to modify all pages
- These items are available on each page (optional): search form, list of first level categories, poll, log in form, 10 newest links, 10 top rated links, 10 most popular links, 10 top searches, 10 newest articles, 10 top rated articles, 10 most popular articles,
- Advanced blacklist feature - you can ban words, phrases, URL`s, emails. Nobody can submit links or articles containing banned items
- Visitors can send you a message without knowledge of your email address (anti-spam protection)
- Simple message board
- Visitors can send a message to their friends regarding your site or any link or article directly from your pages
- Unlimited number of polls
- Visitors can register to receive your newsletter, support for 5 different newsletters
- Password/username reminder for users
- Ability to convert your database from the Gossamer Threads Links 2 format
- 1-year or 3-year free updates, depending on your license
- No visible link to us on each public page, many other scripts bother users by this link
- The lowest prices on the market

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3211 $179 Jan 4, 2005   Unix, Linux or Windows 
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