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In-Link Directory

Vers: 3.0.6  

In-link is one of the most popular and widely recognized Directory Management solutions in the world. Every day, millions of people worldwide use the web sites that are run by In-link. In-link is a powerful portal solution that allows you to run a complex Yahoo™-style directory directly on your web site without having to update numerous HTML pages.
In-link can also be used for many other purposes and for managing directory structures of any type. For example, it can be used to run a directory of products, profiles, listings or records containing specific information. In-link runs on In-portal Platform and integrates seamlessly with other In-portal modules.
New Features in Version 3:
- Integrated Support for Other Modules
- Centralized Catalog Management
- Windows Explorer™-like Interfaces
- Built-in Content Management Tools
- Unlimited Custom Fields
- Unlimited Link Images
- Unlimited Related Items
- Advanced Permissions
- Automatic Link Expiration
- Flexible Link Priorities

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Hits Licence Updated Platforms
780 $ 195 Jan 4, 2005   Linux, Windows 
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