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Subscribe2Me - Mailing list management system

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Subscribe2Me is a Web application written in PHP that will give you complete control over your e-mail mailing list or site newsletter, and will allow your site visitors to subscribe or unsubscribe themselves freely using a double opt-in system.
How does it work?
The mailing list management system used by Subscribe2Me falls into two parts.
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This requires no maintenance or intervention by you. Site visitors can subscribe or unsubscribe by means of a simple subscribe box placed anywhere on your site. There is also an unsubscribe link at the foot of every newsletter or e-mail that you issue.
Upon subscribing, visitors are sent an e-mail automatically, that asks for their confirmation before the subscription is activated. Within the same e-mail there is also an unsubscribe link. Subscriptions that are not activated within seven days are automatically unsubscribed.
Mailing List Management
The core of the system is a Web based administration area, in which you can compose and send your e-mails (HTML or plain text), manually subscribe and unsubscribe (if necessary), import and export subscribers and much more.
The system also enables you to target subscribers for mailing, through powerful selection methods that can identify single subscribers or groups of any size, and mailings can easily be staggered over time to reduce demands on your server.

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