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html2ps - Convert HTML to PostScript

Vers: 1.0  

html2ps convert almost any HTML file to a PostScript document. The HTML is assumed to be W3C 4.0 compliant. Not all HTML files can be accurately converted using this system, so please try the demo to ensure that your file can be converted successfully before using this.
You shoud ensure that you have PHP 4.3 or higher, with the GD libraries installed. Depending on the document that you`re converting, you may need to have the JPG and PNG extensions enabled, too.
Special Features:
- Accurately converts embedded HTML tables, including tables with complex cell formatting like rowspan & colspan
- Supports inline and external images, including JPG/GIF/PNG
- Free upgrades forever!
- Free user-to-user support at the support forum.

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2376 Free (GPL) Feb 22, 2005   UNIX, Windows, OSX, Solaris, Linux 
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